Bentley Continental Flying Spur Series 51 (2012)

CARBARN  | Bentley Continental Flying Spur Series 51 (2012) | Now for the price. Base price for a Flying Spur is $ 189.795 Including destination and $ 3,000 gas-guzzler tax. The base price for the Exige, Evora and all three minis comes to $ 208.190 Including destination. However, the Flying Spur tested here is not a run of the mill, two in every Marks & Spencer Bentley's parking lot. This particular car is a Flying Spur Series 51, the which includes special granite finish 9-spoke wheels and two-tone interior done in fabulous aquamarine and tan. The rest can be summed up with quilting, piping, embroidering, stitching, contrasting and plaquarding.

Chrome inlays in the door are $ 1095, an alloy fuel filler cap is $ 305. A small price to pay in order to let the butler who's filling the Spur know how much you care. Deep pile carpet mats, straight out of a 1980s Bordello are $ 470. Lastly, the Madrona wood veneer, the which shines in a swirled orangish-pinkish-Spam lacquered brilliance sets you back an additional $ 1625. Bringing the grand total with destination, gas-guzzler and free balloons for the kids, to $ 216.790 out the door. For Those keeping score, that is $ 8600 more than the punter's plate of five fine English cars.

The 760Li, Ghost and Panamera blow by in 12.4 seconds at 115.5 mph, 12.7 seconds at 112.9 mph-and 9.11-seconds at 114.7 mph respectively. What does the Bentley That the BMW and the Porsche is do not mask its performance. The Flying Spur is deceptively fast. Freeway on ramps can easily result in triple-digit speeds without even Trying merging. Momentum builds in one smooth wave with nearly imperceptible shifts. By modern standards it sounds a bit low for 6.0-liters of displacement forced-induction. 

Our testing figure-eight That proves again the engineering of this model is Meant more for being driven in than actually driving. The stability control Could not be completely Defeated, meaning the brakes were constantly working at the limit to Stabilize the car. As a consequence, They were also constantly working to slow the car down. Luckily the all-wheel drive system is Adept at putting down all that torque while turning. Without sitting inside the hand built interior and machined using the knobs and switches you can not really appreciate the cost of building a machine like a Flying Spur. The Bentley occupies its own niche. Most owners are using these cars as daily drivers, Because It is as Adept at being just a car as it is a rolling work of design. All and all, it is about serving as a well rounded vehicle luxury car not a singularly focused. 

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